Diesel Forklifts

Unrivaled performance
Hyundai diesel forklifts exceed expectations

Our diesel powered forklift trucks meet the quality, performance and economical efficiency required at any worksite and moreover combine compact body design with broad working radius.

Hyundai machines are pleasure to work with, no matter where, no matter when.

Product Guidance

Product Name Engine Load Capacity Max Lifting Height Downlad PDF
15D-7E KUBOTA V2203 1,500 kg 3,300mm
18D-7E KUBOTA V2203 1,750 kg 3,300mm
20DA-7E KUBOTA V2203 2,000 kg 3,300mm
20D-7E KUBOTA V3600 2,000 kg 3,300mm
25D-7E KUBOTA V3600 2,500 kg 3,300mm
30D-7E KUBOTA V3600 2,500 kg 3,300mm
33D-7E KUBOTA V3600 3,300 kg 3,200mm
20D-7 KUBOTA V3300 2,000 kg 3,305mm
25D-7 KUBOTA V3300 2,500 kg 3,305mm
30D-7 KUBOTA V3300 3,000 kg 3,305mm
33D-7 KUBOTA V3300 3,300 kg 3,205mm
35DS-7 Mitsubishi S6S-DT 3,500 kg 3,000mm
40DS-7 Mitsubishi S6S-DT 4,000 kg 3,000mm
45DS-7 Mitsubishi S6S-DT 4,500 kg 3,000mm
50DS-7E MHI S6S-T 5,000 kg 3,030mm
60DS-7E MHI S6S-T 6,000 kg 3,030mm
70DS-7E MHI S6S-T 7,000 kg 3,030mm
HDF50-7S Mitsubishi S6S-DT 5,000 kg 3,000mm
HDF70-7S Mitsubishi S6S-DT 7,000 kg 3,000mm
110D-7E Cummins QSB6.7 11,000 kg 3,300mm
130D-7E Cummins QSB6.7 13,000 kg 3,300mm
140D-7E Cummins QSB6.7 14,000 kg 3,300mm
160D-7E Cummins QSB6.7 16,000 kg 3,300mm
35DS-7E Mitsubishi S6S-T 3,500 kg 3,020mm
40DS-7E Mitsubishi S6S-T 4,000 kg 3,020mm
45DS-7E Mitsubishi S6S-T 4,500 kg 3,020mm
50DA-7E Mitsubishi S6S-T 5,000 kg 2,930mm
HDF50-7 Hyundai D4DD 5,000 kg 3,000mm
HDF70-7 Hyundai D4DD 7,000 kg 3,000mm
35D-7E HMC D4DD 3,500 kg 3,000mm
40D-7E HMC D4DD 4,000 kg 3,000mm
45D-7E HMC D4DD 4,500 kg 3,000mm
50D-7AE HMC D4DD 5,000 kg 2,900mm
50D-7E HMC D4DD 5,000 kg 3,030mm
60D-7E HMC D4DD 6,000 kg 3,030mm
70D-7E HMC D4DD 7,000 kg 3,030mm
80D-7E HMC D4DD 8,000 kg 3,040mm
20DF-7 HMC D4BB 2,000 kg 3,000mm
25DF-7 HMC D4BB 2,500 kg 3,000mm
30DF-7 HMC D4BB 3,000 kg 3,000mm
33DF-7 HMC D4BB 3,300 kg 3,200mm
35DF-7 KUBOTA V3600 3,500 kg 3,200mm
180D-7E Cummins QSC 18,000 kg 3,320mm
250D-7E Cummins QSC 25,000 kg 4,030mm